Shark Point (Hin Musang)


Shark Point is located between Koh Phi Phi and Phuket and was designated a Marine Santuary in 1992.


This site is made up of 3 main pinnacles that lay in a north to south direction with the northern-most pinnacle known as pinnacle 1 and the southern-most pinnacle 3. Pinnacle 1 is the only one visible from the surface. Underwater all 3 pinnacles are covered in soft corals and descend down to a sandy area.


Shark Point’s name in Thai is Hin Mu Sang and was so-named because of the resident leopard sharks. This is a fantastic site for underwater photography enthusiasts as there are lots of colourful corals, huge Gorgonian Sea Fans, sea horses and masses of fish.


In addition to the leopard sharks, fusiliers, snappers, barracuda, trevallies and thousands of other reef fish surround these pinnacles. Together with seahorses, ghost pipefish, cuttlefish and many smaller critters, the high levels of nutrients in the waters attract a huge variety of marine life, making Shark Point one of the most spectacular dive sites in this area.

The third pinnacle lies slightly further south in deeper waters and is rarely dived due to the shorter dive times at this depth.


Conditions on Shark Point can be variable and it's more suitable for experienced divers than beginners.


Anemone Reef (Hin Jom)


Anemone Reef is just 600m away from Shark Point and became also part of a Marine Sanctuary in 1992.


This colourful pinnacle is covered with anemones, sea fans and soft corals. The plateau starts at around 4m to 7 m, sloping down to 26m. 


The reef is domoinated by a single species, the Magnificent Sea Anemone which covers 80% of the large lime stone pinnacle. 

5 differant species of Anemone fish are present on this reef such as Shunk clown Anemone fish, Red Saddleback Anemone fish, Clarks Anemone fish, Sebae Anemone, False Clown Anemone fish.  

You might enjoy seeing anemone crabs, yellow-headed morays, lionfish, devil scorpionfish, seahorses and so much more.

Shark Point

5m - 20m


2 - 25m

Anemone Reef

5m - 20m


5 - 25m

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