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Are you covered?


Diving is a very safe sport when conducted responsibly. However, diving accidents do happen, so you should be covered, whether diving in your country or abroad.

The cost of medical evacuation, hyperbaric treatments and medical repatriation can be substantial.

In case of an accident, you want to receive the best medical treatment and supervision, by experts in diving medicine.

These services are usually not covered by your regular medical or health insurance provider.

DiveAssure offers scuba divers a variety of excellent Insurance and Assistance programs, on various levels, to cover all needs of both diving locally and when traveling overseas.

Both short-term and annual coverage options are available through our partner DiveAssure.

Daily dive accident coverage is available through our Dive Shop only!


All membership plans include direct payment to service providers, primary coverage, no depth limit and much more.

Aside from DIVESAFE Coverage, DIVEASSURE offers other Insurance Plans such as DIVE&TRAVEL.

This plan provides comprehensive general travel and diving accident insurance. In addition, both plans include many benefits specific to diving such as coverage for lost diving days and trip cancellation due to inclement weather.

For your peace of mind, visit the DiveAssure website and find out more about their excellent dive travel and accident assurance.

To apply to this program, follow the link below.

Diving Insurance
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