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Eco Philosophy

We are a 100% Project Aware Dive Centre. This means that for EVERY certification we process, we make a donation to Project Aware. In return for this donation, every one of our students receive the much sought after and prized “Project Aware” Limited edition certification Card to show the world that they care about our oceans.

We regularly run “Dive for Debris” days, where all our staff and customers get in on the action with mesh bags during their dives. We send the data from all the trash we collect on our dives to Project Aware, who provide us with ongoing statistics about how divers are helping to keep the oceans clean.

We are also listed as a “Koh Lanta Trash Hero” store. We provide FREE water refills to anyone who has purchased a “Trash Hero” water bottle from anywhere around Thailand. This is all part of the drive to reduce the amount of plastic that gets thrown out daily from drinking water bottles. With your purchase of a “Trash Hero” bottle, you receive a map of all the “Trash Hero” stores on the island. Wherever you see the sign, you’re welcome to go in and they will gladly refill your bottle with fresh, clean, drinking water. 

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