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Not a diver?

Enjoy a day of snorkelling!

Non-divers can join us too!


You want to join when your friend/family is diving?

Snorkelling requires no special training, only the ability to swim and to breathe through the snorkel. If you are not a strong swimmer, we can provide you with a lifejacket so that you can just float and admire the underwater tropical marine life with the minimum of effort.


Destinations include Koh Haa and the Bida Islands. Price up to 2.000 THB per Person excluding Marine Park Fee.

Flip Flop Divers is a 100% Project Aware Partner, you can help us with following practical things to protect Thailand’s Coral Reefs:


  • Snorkel carefully and avoid contact with the reef. Many aquatic organisms are delicate and can be harmed by the bump of a knee, camera, the swipe of a fin or even the touch of a hand. 


  • Do not touch any living organism under the water. Coral takes a long time to grow and forms a delicate ecosystem, which can be damaged by even the gentlest touch. Never stand on or hold on to any coral.  Fish have a protective layer. If you touch them you can damage this protective layer and cause them skin infections.


  • Do not feed fish! Feeding fish can disrupt their natural feeding habits and even affect their behaviour. 


  • Be a role model for other snorkellers in your interaction with the environment. As a snorkeller, you can see the underwater results of carelessness and neglect. Set a good example in your own interactions and other snorkellers, and non-divers will follow suit.        


  • As a diver or snorkeler, choose tour operators that use mooring buoys or drift diving techniques whenever possible rather than anchors that can cause reef damage.


Do not collect shells!
  • Do not collect shells or coral as souvenirs. Taking a shell from a beach can deprive a hermit crab of a home. Dive sites can be depleted of their resources and beauty in a short time. Take underwater pictures instead! 


  • Avoid purchasing souvenirs made from coral or any threatened or endangered marine species.

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