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Kled Kaew Wreck

In March 2014 the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources delivered the 50 meter ex-naval gunship, HTMS Kled Kaew and was sunk as an artificial reef.


Sitting at 26 m depth east of Koh Phi Phi Leh, between Phi Ley Bay and Viking Bay, the newly sunk wreck is home to thousands of fish, including lion fish, porcupine fish, grouper, rabbit fish, snapper, damselfish, trevally, squid and baracuda.


The top of the wheel house area  is at around 14m. Below the wheel house are two further decks with railings and ladders surrounding small cabins all of which offer penetration to suitably qualified divers.

Divers can travel to the stern of the ship which also has an aft deck with a covered cabin area and surrounding passageway. In the centre of the aft deck in a cargo hold entrance with a circular area behind.


Visibility on the wreck varies and this dive is suitable for experienced divers. The position and north-south orientation of the wreck means that it is very sensitive to currents, making it less suitable for newly certified, innexperienced or less confident divers.


This exciting dive offers a variety of possibilities and explorations whether you just want to fun dive it or take the PADI Wreck Specialty. The wreck itself has large compartments which makes penetration into the hull easy but should only be attempted under the correct supervision.


If you don’t have deep diving experience, you can still enjoy this dive by adding the Adventure Deep diver training as part of this dive. 

14 - 26m

5m - 20m


Kled Kaew 

Diver Level
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