Palong Wall / Viking Bay (Phi Phi)

The dive sites around the Phi Phi islands offer overhangs, swim-throughs and canyons with colourful soft corals and anemones. A big diversity of marine life can be seen here, from Cleaner Shrimps and Anemone Crabs to Bearded Scorpion-fish, colourful Lionfish and Clownfish.

Palong Wall (Coral Garden)


Palong Wall with its beautiful soft corals can be found on the North West side of Phi Phi Leh.

Along the wall of this shallow dive site are some of the most beautiful colours of coral that can be seen in Thailand.


The dive site suits everyone as it is not deep, with a maximum depth of 18m at high tide.

Keeping the wall on the right hand side, the diver can swim out towards some verge boulders where Giant Moray Eels and Blue Spotted Stingrays can be spotted. 

Little swim through covered in reds pinks and purple soft corals all surrounded by little glass fish, trying to keep out of the reach of the ravenous clutches of the small Trevally and Silver Mackerel. 

Marine life: Great Barracuda, Blue Fin Trevallies Blue Ringed Angel Fish which swim around in pairs and the usual reef fishes, Scorpion Fish, Yellow Snapper, Ghost Pipe Fish, Hawksbill Turtles and many large Groupers, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Seahorses and blue spotted stingrays



Viking Bay


Viking Bay is located on the north east side of Phi Phi Leh island.


Right out of the bay at around 12m depth you will find a large concrete artificial reef, which was constructed in 2006 from 100 concrete blocks provided by the Department for Marine and Coastal Resources.


Anemones filled with clownfish sit on the frames and huge pufferfish swim nearby.  


Look for flounder, pipefish and cuttlefish in the sand, as well as small anemones with cleaner shrimp inside.

Different moray species can also be found here, including giant, honeycomb and zebra.


The reef at Viking Bay runs to the north, connecting to Table Coral City, a sloping reef covered with hard corals, bubble corals, staghorn and branching corals, gorgonian sea fans, whip corals, fire corals, barrel sponges and anemones. The reef slopes from the shallows down to around 30m, however most of the action is in the 5m - 15m range.


Marine life: Schools of snapper, fusiliers, cuttlefish, moray eels, pipefish, pufferfish, grouper, butterfly and angel fish, scorpion fish, yellow box fish, batfish, moorish idols, porcupine fish, wrasse, damsel fish, trumpet fish and the occasional hawksbill turtle.


Palong Wall

5m - 20m

All Levels

5 - 18m

Viking Bay

5m - 20m

All Levels

5 - 30m

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